Safety Management 27 September 2023

What is Tōtika pre-qualification?

Totika is a health and safety pre-qualification (‘prequal’) system in New Zealand, which is becoming the popular choice for contracting companies employing sub-contractors. Its goal is to establish whether a contractor has suitable and sufficient safety systems in place.

How do I get qualified?

The Totika audit is undertaken by one of four authorised companies: Impac, Qualify365, SHE, Avetta.

You will need to subscribe to their services, after selecting the option suitable to your company operations.

A broad description of the choices are: Sole trader, Small business, Medium business and Large business.

What information do I need to provide to the Totika auditor?

Sections of a typical small business Tōtika audit can include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • Health and safety measures
  • Skills, training, competency and supervision
  • Event reporting
  • Emergency management and response
  • Hazard and Risk identification and controls
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Contractor management
  • Plant and equipment
  • Hazardous substances
  • Health and safety performance history
  • Insurance

How can Zardocs Compliance software help?

There is a dedicated section of the software with direct links to guideline documents that can be used to fulfil the basic requirements of the Totika audit.

A link will take you directly to a section which relates to the question. The component can then be edited to suit your company’s needs. After that, you may need to present to the team and get them to sign an acknowledgment of understanding and agreement. An INFO button gives guidelines for each section. See below for a sample:

You can also watch this short video which explains how it works:

Is there someone who can do this for me?

Yes. We understand this takes an enormous amount of time.
We have a service available to assist:

We submit your prequal – and guarantee a pass!

What is the Tōtika pass mark?

60% is the standard pass, however some Principal Contractors are requiring a pass of 75%.

To score well, the key elements are to show health and safety are ‘ongoing’, and it is important to show communication within your team. Also, it is important to have the systems in place to cross-reference. For example, if there is an incident, record it, investigate it, update your systems, and communicate the results in a site and/or safety briefing. Zardocs Compliance software allows for all these actions.

What is my next step?

Some recommended options:

  1. Give us a call for guidance – CALL
  2. Download the software from the available link – take a quick look at the Prequal section – LINK
  3. Order a license for the software to get going – ORDER
  4. Get the prequal done for you – SUBMIT