Safety Management & Compliance software designed for use by any small to medium company.

A safety compliance or safety management system should simple and logical, allowing the user to:

  • Setup a full system
  • Update information easily
  • Maintain and improve the system as required
  • Manage safety on individual projects
  • Build SSSP for projects
  • Prepare and submit documentation for pre-qualifications
  • Access certain functions by mobile device
  • Develop safe work procedures for worker education.

If a system is too complicated, it does not get used.
Our system has the GRUNT, without the FLASH and NOISE. We focus on what is important.
Suitable for setup and maintenance by a company employee.

Consider what happens when the designated person leaves or is away. Who looks after the safety compliance? Zardocs keeps all safety management information in one place. Easy to find, easy to use.