Managing Health and Safety Compliance

Safety compliance should not be complicated, not hard to set up and maintain

All-in-one safety management

Safety compliance and management is essential for every business.

Every company is different, so you need a system that will accommodate your company activities and hazards.

Zardocs Compliance is focussed on a logical way to look at health and safety management, which means the systems can be maintained by a regular person, who does not have to be a health and safety specialist.

Start off by working on the essential information, and build your system as time allows.

Safeyt compliance dashboard

About the content

The regulations do not tell us what a Health and Safety system must look like, so we have built Zardocs around what is considered ‘common practice’ – we provide all the documents commonly used, as well as many that are used for different activities.

These documents will assist you in keeping details up-to-date and relevant.

OHS – Occupational Health and Safety – OSH / SHE / SHEQ / SHERQ

Occupational Health and safety is a worldwide initiative to reduce or eliminate accidents in the workplace. Our Zardocs Safety Software creates a detailed Safety Management System which allows you to keep your company compliant with the least amount of effort. Effective compliance and systems prevent penalties by principal contractors and Government agencies, and our job is to help you achieve this. ISO 45001 is the international guide to health and safety systems.

Zardocs Modules – ALL ARE INCLUDED

Discover Zardocs’s Health and Safety modules with over 500 customizable templates to choose from.

Our templates are tailored to meet the specific needs of your activity, ensuring you only select the documents that are relevant to your project.

A range of videos are available to show you how these systems work. VIDEOS


Storage of personnel documents. Reminders are set for expiring documents. Always available and easily accessible

  • Personal detail
  • Position in company
  • Contact details
  • Next of kin details.
  • Copy of ID
  • Medical certificates
  • Training and competency register
  • Clothing sizes
  • PPE Register
  • Health and safety meeting minutes
  • Man-hours register
  • Warning letters issued
  • Employee training certificates

Appointments and Responsibility

Commonly used documents are pre-selected in your recommended index. The appointment and responsibility templates includes standard text that you can easily customise to suit your appointments if needed. A competency document can accompany an appointment / responsibility document.

Non-construction templates are also available. Or create your own.

Project Documents

All your project-specific documents. Choose a project from your selection of past projects and simply edit and update as required.

  • Project name
  • Scope of work
  • Project address
  • Responsibilities
  • Emergency lists
  • Insurances
  • OHS Policy
  • SSSP Agreement
  • Health and safety management plan
  • Incidents
  • Hazardous substances register
  • Hazard register
  • JSA, T/A, SWMS
  • Contractors
  • Emergency procedure

Policy, Plans and Procedures

80+ Plans and Procedures included. Sample master plan documents are supplied. Use as is, or replace with your own. Edit to suit. A few examples:

  • Health and safety policy
  • Health monitoring policy
  • Worker engagement policy
  • Environmental plan
  • Waste management plan
  • Traffic management plan
  • Quality control plan
  • Training plan
  • Hazard review
  • Safety training porocedure
  • Contractor management procedures
  • Contingency Plan / Business Continuity
  • Implementation plan
  • Hygiene plan
  • Fatigue management plan
  • Site supervision plan.
  • Plus Add your own.

Emergency Management

Preparations for an Emergency. Reminders are set for expiring documents. Always available and easily accessible

  • Emergency plan and procedures
  • Hazard management procedures
  • Emergency route layout
  • Activity specific emergencies
  • Placing safety signs
  • Site evacuation procedures
  • Plus Add your own.

Hazards and Risk Management

Identify hazards and set up procedures to reduce or eliminate the risk. Reminders are set for expiring documents. Always available and easily accessible.

  • Hazard / Environment site inspection
  • Risk assessment plan
  • Risk monitoring plan
  • Risk assessment review plan
  • Method statements
  • Fall protection plan
  • Risk assessments
  • Risk assessment builder
  • SOP – Safe Operating Procedures
  • SWP – Safe Work Procedures
  • Summary of control measures

  • Plus Add your own.

Incidents and Accidents

Incident and Accident Reporting and Process. Reminders are set for expiring documents. Always available and easily accessible.

  • Incident & Accident register
  • Incident and accident investigating procedure
  • Incident investigation
  • Near miss report
  • Photo records of incidents
  • Incident and accident reporting procedure

  • Incident report summary
  • Incident classification
  • Plus Add your own.

Hazardous Substances

A hazardous substances register allows for the storage of unlimited listed items

  • Hazardous Products and Substances Register
  • Hazardous chemical inventory
  • SDS Links and storage
  • Categories & References

Training and Induction

Reminders are set for expiring documents. Always available and easily accessible.

  • Training and competency register
  • Attendance register
  • Site rules
  • Worker handbook
  • Construction site induction arrangements
  • Workplace induction forms
  • Visitor attendance register
  • Training register
  • Pre-start meeting forms
  • Safety induction meetings
  • Site briefing and toolbox talks
  • Workplace training report for individuals
  • Management meetings

Toolbox Talks Safety Training

A wide range of Toolbox Talk discussion guides is available.

  • 40+ Available
  • Plus ADD your own.
  • 10-minute training sessions
  • Sign sheets for workers to acknowledge training
  • Store training diagrams
  • Store training pictures


Registers and Recording of Equipment. Print and record data on a monthly or weekly basis. Always available and easily accessible.

  • PPE Issued register
  • Tools and equipment register
  • First aid box – minimum requirements
  • First aid – Treatment register
  • Ladder register
  • Safety harness training register
  • Barricade register
  • Vehicle registers
  • Daily plant register
  • Fire extinguisher training register
  • Fire fighting equipment register

Inspections and Checklists

A wide range of inspections and checklists. Reminders are set for expiring documents. Always available and easily accessible.

  • Health and safety inspection
  • Site inspection
  • PPE Inspection
  • First Aid
  • SHE Rep inspection
  • Covid-19 Symptoms check
  • Hot works permit
  • Safety harness inspection
  • Hand tools
  • Ladder
  • Portable power tools
  • Electric drill inspection
  • Grinders
  • Welding equipment
  • Compressor
  • Jackhammer
  • Power generator
  • Formwork
  • Scaffold
  • Excavation
  • Housekeeping
  • Environmental
  • Stacking and storage
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Toilets
  • Distribution boards
  • Vehicles
  • Motorised plant
  • Trailer
  • Compactor
  • Skid-steer (Bobcat)
  • Brush cutter
  • Chainsaw
  • Line trimmer
  • Wood chipper
  • Plus Add your own.

Operational Management

Manage vehicles, tools, equipment, plant, machinery, and vehicles.

  • Service Records
  • Photo Records
  • User details
  • License and registration
  • Renewals
  • Calibration records
  • Checklists
  • Internal Safety Audits
  • Company document storage
  • Plus Add your own.