Zardocs PRO For Health and Safety Consultants

What is different about Zardocs PRO? The PRO version has exactly the same content as our standard version of the software. It is designed for health and safety consultants who manage their clients health and safety systems. There are two main differences:

  1. You can add as many company trading names as you choose. Each company retains its own data – employees, certificates, logos, etc. Client-specific data such as personnel details, training certificates, expiry dates, logos, site information, safe work procedures, and risk assessments are all kept in storage.
  2. It is a ‘white label’ product, which means the Zardocs logo does not appear on the footer of the page. Instead, the logo and link will be yours.

For each client, you can store their specific:

  • Company details
  • Employee data and training documents
  • Dedicated policies and risk assessments
  • Tool and vehicle details
  • Incident register

You can check each company’s review dates for documents and safe work procedures, and expiry dates for the workers’ training certificates. This allows you to be proactive in keeping your client’s safety system up to date.

If you have the need for multiple users, we have an online system for that – Price on application. Call us.

Change the way you run your business

Increase your productivity and manage all your client safety documents in one place. Minimise time spent on the boring bits – and still charge the same fees!

Zardocs PRO

NZ$290 per month

or NZ$2900 per year + GST

Winsows or Mac Desktop version or Online version – Standard Cloud or Premium Cloud

  • Software Download
  • Free support
  • Windows 10/11 + Mac
  • PC or Online
  • All documents included
  • Unlimited contractor
  • Unlimited sites
  • Clients logo on each page
  • White-label product (your logo shows)
  • Upgrade from Standard to PRO
  • Online multi-user option available

Frequently Asked Questions

Easily switch between clients to ensure they are updated.

Can the client access the data

No. Data is for your access only. Online versions are password protected.

Can I use my own content?

Yes, in most places. You can copy/paste content to Policy and Procedure documents. You can add as many as you choose. Same for SOP, SWP, Appointmetns and responsibility, and indexes.

I have clients in construction, schools and catering. Will Q-Safe do all of those?

Yes. Health and safety is universal. Some sections have specific Construction vs. Non-construction content. All others are universal. If you have a special need, send a sample to the developers, and they may agree to include it.

Can I try the program to see how it works?

We suggest ordering the standard version, building a safety file for a client, and paying the balance to upgrade to the PRO version.