Safety Software Prices

Choose a plan that‘s right for you

  • Windows Desktop – single user
  • Online with Browser Access – single or multiple user – Win/Mac

Zardocs PRO

For Health and Safety Consultants

Windows Desktop


12 Month use

Depending on lacation, GST may be charged.

Simply download the Zardocs Compliance software and create your Safety Management System

  • Software download
  • Free support
  • SSSP
  • Risk assessment builder
  • Prequal links
  • Option to upgrade
  • All documents included
  • Windows 10/11
safety file setup

Online with Browser Access

NZ$150 per month

or NZ$1490 per year
12 Months access

Depending on location, GST may be charged

Access the Zardocs Compliance software online via your browser on Mac OS or Windows.

  • Online cloud access
  • Option to upgrade
  • All documents included
  • All modules included
  • SSSP
  • Risk assessment builder
  • Prequal links
  • Needs internet connection
  • Includes 5x mobile phone users
  • Includes access for 2 users
  • FREE Support and training

Frequently Asked Questions

If unsure, call Zardocs support

Is there a trial or demo version available to try before purchase?

You may download Zardocs now, to check that it is compatible with your computer. You will also be able to view the content and start the setup process.
You will need to insert a valid license key to continue using the software.

What are the system requirements for the software?

The standard desktop version is available for Windows 10/11 only.
Mac OS is only available as an online option, accessible from your browser.

What is the payment process for purchasing the software?

Click on the link. You will have the option for paying by card or, you can request an invoice with bank details to allow you to pay by bank EFT.

Our credit card payments are handled by Stripe – a secure payment process that means we never have access to your actual card details. It is totally secure and hassle-free. Stripe is used by thousands of businesses worldwide to handle their payment processing, and it complies with the highest levels of internet security.

License keys are issued by humans, so it might take a bit of time. Feel free to email or call if license key is not received within 30 minutes.

What is the software’s refund policy?

As software cannot be removed from your computer by us, purchase costs are not refundable.

If unsure about compatibility, download the software first, and open it before purchasing a license key.

Full support is available, by phone, emial, WhatsApp, web site chat box. We also have support through TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Is there a warranty or support for the software?

Zardocs is well-proven and tested in the health and safety industry and complies with all legal requirements. First launched in 2015.

Full support is available by phone, email, WhatsApp, and website chat box. We also have support through TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Support by Email is generally available 24 hours a day through our international support team. Also, try the chat box after hours.

Is the software compatible with other software or programs I am currently using?

You will need to contact Zardocs support and provide more detail before we can answer this.
Most text content can be transferred with a cut/paste from a standard text document.