Safety Management 24 August 2023

All you need to know about Pre-qualification

Pre-qualification of a contractor for a client. Available for New Zealand users.

What is a ‘Prequal’ or ‘Pre-qualification’?

A Principal Contractor is responsible for all safety on site and is legally liable for the consequences of accidents.

To avoid liability, they need to make sure the contractor has suitable safety systems in place. Their responsibilities are to their own team, all contractors on site, and the public.

To achieve this, the contractor needs to undergo a safety system audit. We call this a Pre-qualification, or “Prequal”. An external company will do this.

This is also common for large organisations and district councils. It is part of ‘Supplier Management’.

I need to do a pre-qualification. What are the first steps?

  1. Check with your client which one they want.
  2. Choose an auditor, log into the pre-qualification section, and choose the correct option.
    If unsure, call us.
  3. Pay their fee. You will be issued with a login detail.

Who are the common pre-qualification auditors?


Impac Prequal
Impac Tōtika



SHE Tōtika



Tōtika does not actually do the audits. The Tōtika submission is managed and audited by: Impac, Qualify365, SHE or Avetta.

So many pre-qualification documents are called for. What do I submit?

That is where Zardocs Compliance comes in.

A dedicated section links you to the question being asked, which makes it easy.
See the image below.

Pre-qualification – Company Safety Pre-qualifications

Do I just submit the documents from the system?

Some yes, others no.

If you don’t already have the documents, create them.
Most documents are useless on their own. You need to discuss the contents with your team and get them to sign an acknowledgement that they understand and agree with the contents, and they should be given the opportunity to offer suggestions and request changes.

Once complete, will I have a robust Health and Safety Management System?

A PREQUAL is a fantastic guide as to what systems a business of its current size needs to have in place to manage its health and safety.

The quality of your system depends on you making sure the content is specific to what your company does. The content will also need to be updated as circumstance changes, e.g. employing new workers, using new contractors, using new materials or machinery, new designs and systems, etc. Also, your system needs to be updated regularly – Zardocs helps you with that and makes it easy to update.

Remember to communicate all changes to your team!

What are the costs of the prequal component of Zardocs?

It is included at no extra cost.
Check out our current Zardocs pricing options.

What do the auditors charge?